Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!

 WOW!!!  Needless to say 2014 has been quite the whirlwind.  I...turned 30, had a baby, and lost my job lol and all of that happened within 3 months!  The other 9 have been a total blur.  One thing's for sure though, everything worked out exactly as it should.  My little girl and boyfriend are my world, in fact it's hard for me to remember life before them...haha funny how that happens!  Anyways enough of the remincing we have 22 minutes left of 2014 out here on the west coast and then it's CHEERS to a FRESH START!!  So real quick I just wanted to put my goals for 2015 out there in the big ol' world, that way on December 31, 2015 I can look back and be so proud of what I accomplished in a year!

*  I have 5,000 in my savings

*  I have 1,000 in savings for Paige

*  I can wear my buckle jeans and my green dress

*  I am a 2 Star Diamond Coach with Beachbody

*  Tim and I are going to Vegas (My first time!!)

*  I bought a hot tub

*  Tim is going to summit with me

*  My mom is in a Challenge Group with me :)

*  I am actively volunteering and working on my auction committees

*  I just bought a new car

These might seems trivial and silly to you and I understand why you might think that.  They are measurable to me and by achieving these goals I will know that I spent some of 2015 changing my stars.  Making my life and that of my family's better and more secure.  So this post was short and sweet :) there are 7 minutes left in 2014...just enough time to pour a couple glasses of bubbly and kiss my man and our baby girl!  Happy New Year to you and yours CHEERS to the best year yet!! Write you all soon xoxo :)