Saturday, February 28, 2015

21 Day Fix Round 2!!!

Sooooo these were my round 1 results with the 21 Day Fix! I can't lie I'm pretty proud of them...the after pic was about 3 months postpartum.  Unfortunately once I completed the program I felt that I had earned a break so to speak.  All that earned me was landing myself right back at ground zero plus an additional 2 lbs.  Today is day 6 of my second round of this program, and boy am I fired up about this!!  We all mess up here and there what's important is realizing what happened and having the strength to pick yourself up and get back in the game.  Lesson learned I need the challenge groups that I host to hold myself accountable!!  I need the the motivation and support that the groups offer, changing your whole lifestyle isn't easy!! Having others to go through the transformation (mentally and physically) with gives you an extra reason to show up each day and make the very most of this journey. :)  I love the portion control aspect of the 21 Day Fix and I've been having a blast coming up recipes that fit with the nutrition plan!  Make sure you look through this blog for yummy 21 Day Fix Approved recipes!  I also really like the workouts they're only 30 minutes long and perfect for me to do during Paige's nap time.  Bonus they're not too challenging and they have a modifier if you're just starting your journey.  For this round I've decided to bump up my weights LOL take things to the next level if you will!  I can honestly say that quitting and then starting back up again was painful...not just on the waistline.  I have been so sore these past few of days, thankfully it's starting to fade.  Today is going to be the Dirty 30!  It's challenging don't get me wrong but I love the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done!  Tomorrow I will be doing the Yoga Fix and then week 1 is's so crazy to believe and super exciting!! I'll keep updating this journey and post some progress pics as soon as I have some more to share!! :)  If you feel like this program is something that would fit with your goals and lifestyle fill out the form below and I'll get in touch with you, I love having new people in our accountability groups!! Cheers :)

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