Thursday, March 12, 2015

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Tonight I was struck with a mean craving for CHICKEN NUGGETS!!  LOL unfortunately for me McD's isn't allowed on the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan!?  Now I know that stuff is complete garbage and barely even food buuuuut sometimes a girl needs to be nostalgic.  So I found myself pondering the possibilities and looking around my kitchen in search of a way to solve this problem before diving head first into a bowl of Tim's goldfish!!  As luck would have it I was on my normal extreme eating day which I get to do after 2 days of the countdown to competition meal plan...and that means fruit and a few servings of carbs :) So here's what I came up with and not going to lie it was freaking DELISH!!  Bonus this would make a great dinner for your little ones instead of stuffing them with Mcd's or store bought "chicken" nuggets! This makes one serving and counts for 1 Red, 1 Yellow, and 1 Spoon.

1 Small Chicken Breast
1 Egg
1 Yellow Container of Uncooked Organic Oatmeal
1 Tsp Melted Coconut Oil

To start get a large skillet warming up over medium heat.  In a food processor or blender pulse all of the oatmeal until it is the consistency of rock salt (lol I know, but I couldn't think of another size comparison!). For me I did several quick pulses for about 30 seconds and then it was good to go!  Place your oatmeal in a bowl feel free to add some seasonings if you would like such as salt, pepper, garlic or onion powder.  In a separate beat your egg and set aside.  For the chicken, because I'm a weirdo, I like to flatten it out with a kitchen mallet.  I get it to where it is around 1/4 inch thick.  I then slice the chicken up into bite size pieces.  Add your melted coconut oil to your oatmeal and mix well to combine.  You are now ready to get cooking!! Take the chicken one piece at a time and coat with egg then dredge through your oatmeal until well coated place in the pan and repeat until all of your chicken is cooking!  I cook the chicken for about 10 minutes on each side, before removing from the heat make sure your chicken as an internal temp of 165!  I like to have mine with mustard because it's a 21 Day Fix freebie, but sauce yours up however you please!! Enjoy :)

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