About Me

Alrighty so for starters...my name is Kelli!  I turned 30 this past September (2014) and I had my daughter Paige Alice a month later.  My main squeeze and father to our perfect little girl is Tim...these two are the loves of my life!!  I started this blog as a way to help motivate me to lead a healthier lifestyle and set the best example possible for Paige.  I am currently stuggeling with about 30lbs (!) of post baby weight.  As I discover recipes that I love and fit the clean eating bill I want to have a place to share them with others who are going through similar life situations.  Or maybe you didn't just have a baby maybe you just love food but would like to find healthier alternatives to some not so healthy favorites...LOL I feel you there!!  Side note all of my recipes are "Tim-Tested & Approved" and he is not a healthy food fan...so that can be quite the challenge at times!!

I'm also a coach with Beachbody so you will see my fitness journey on here as well.  I decided to become a coach so I would have some extra pressure to stick to my guns while helping others on their heath and fitness journeys.  I try to include 21 Day Fix conversions on as many of my recipes as possible...plain chicken and veggies gets old!!  It's time to liven things up :)  I hope that everyone who visits my blog can take something away...whether it's a new recipe, be inspired to start a new workout, or even just the assurance that you are not alone in your journey.

So at this point in February 2015: I am a devout foodie...quite frankly I can't get enough LOL my kitchen is my zen zone!  I am would like to be fit...forever!!  I'm a work in progress and I will get there.  At 4 months postpartum I know I have a road ahead of me... but I'm looking forward to 1. the adventure and to 2. welcoming anyone who would like walk with me :)  Please feel free to send me a message anytime my email is kelli_finch@yahoo.com and you can find me on Facebook as well at www.facebook.com/kelli.finch.3  CHEERS!! :)

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